Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Risk and Reach Report for Clinton County

Early Education in Clinton County

Clinton is a rural county located in central Pennsylvania. According to the US Census Bureau, the 2006 population was 37,232, an estimated -1.8% decrease from 2000. Approximately 80.4% of the adult population graduated high school, and nearly 13.4% have a bachelor's degree or higher education. The main industry in the county is Manufacturing. The median household income in 2004 was $34,162.


In Clinton County:
There are 2,055 children from birth to age five living in the county.

Risk Factors affecting children's success in school. Risk factors like those listed below can hurt a child's chances of doing well in school.

52.0% of children under age five live in low-income families
21.3% of births to mothers with less than a high school education
35.5% of third graders scored below proficient on the 2008 PSSA reading test
Quality early education. Quality early education like the programs listed below helps children overcome risk factors and succeed in school!

Of children from birth to age five:

3.4% participate in Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts
13.4% participate in Keystone STARS
9.8% participate in Child Care Works
9.2% participate in Early Intervention
0.0% participate in Nurse-Family Partnership
1.0% participate in Head Start Supplemental Assistance
2.3% participate in federal Head Start
Learn more about this county by viewing the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning 2007-2008 Reach and Risk Report.

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