Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday alert 5/11/10

Budget update: No new developments. Both House and Senate are in recess until May 24.

Today's building block: Early childhood education essential to keeping our economy going today
• Parents who have access to reliable and affordable child care are 15% more likely to be employed1
• Because parents can remain in the workforce when their children are young and continue to gain job skills, they can experience a long-term earnings increase up to 30% over their lifetimes.2
• For every dollar Pennsylvania invests in early childhood education, more than two dollars is circulated in the regional economy through employment and purchasing goods and services. In 2008-2009, Pennsylvania's investment facilitated more than $1.9 billion to be circulated in the regional economy.3

You can share:
• The "economic multiplier" from your county - you can find that statistic on our fact sheet at http://paprom.convio.net/multiplier. How much your program contributes to the local economy monthly or annual with salaries and purchases of goods and services.
• Examples of families that have been able to continue to work because of early education

Ask parents to share:
• How access to early education programs (list by name) have helped them continue to work or get additional schooling/training to get a better job.

Please take a few minutes to share these fast facts with the Governor, your legislators, and a friend!
• Find contact information for your legislators at http://paprom.convio.net/find
• Email the Governor and your legislators at http://paprom.convio.net/5-11-10

1 U.S. Government Accountability Office (1994)
2 Timothy J. Bartik, Ph.D., Senior Economist at the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, at the Early Learning Investment Commission Economic Summit, April 19, 2010
3 Zhilin Liu, Rosaria Ribeiro & Mildred Warner. "Comparing Child Care Multipliers in the Regional Economy: Analysis from 50 States," 2004 http://government.cce.cornell.edu/doc/reports/childcare/reports.asp

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